At our last School Council the new School Council had its first meeting for the year where I presented the Annual Report to the school community. The Annual Report celebrates our achievements for the year, identifies the areas of improvement and provides us with some data around our student achievement levels that we can work on and improve.

The Annual Report contains information that is important and is in the following sections:


This section explains who we are and what our Vision, Mission and Values are. The most important addition to our operations in 2015 was the development of our Learning Vision. This is now prominently displayed around our school and I have been into every classroom to explain the Learning Vision. We believe that if every child in our school can develop along these lines they will all be successful learners.

There are four main areas included in this section:


This section explains the programs that we deliver and the structure of our lessons to improve our student learning outcomes. In 2015 we introduced CAFÉ Reading and VOICES writing. Both programs and philosophies have been introduced and embedded into our school curriculum now. Both have proven to be effective because they provide a structure for our teachers to work within and for our leadership team to monitor. Our Big Ideas have proven successful with our end of term celebrations provided where you can join in with the children and they can show you their achievements.


This section explains the Social Competencies framework and our Values framework. It also describes our highly successful Volunteer program and the outside people coming into our school to actively support the children in their learning. This section also describes our students overall attendance and compares it to the state average.


This section describes our achievements in the areas of student welfare and well being. It also describes our highly organised Prep induction program that has proven to be highly successful. It also describes our transition program both outside the school and inside the school.


This is a relatively new area in the Annual Report and describes our overall workforce including our paid staff and our volunteers. This are also describes our professional development, coaching and mentoring, partnerships between outside organisations and our school. It also describes the function of the Finance sub-committee of School Council and its role in providing high quality advice to School Council. The infrastructure sub-committee is responsible for the overall safety and functionality of our buildings and grounds.


The performance summary describes our overall achievements according the mandated government requirements in the areas of overall socio-economic profile, parent satisfaction, school staff survey, student outcomes in English and Mathematics and the NAPLAN results in Reading and Numeracy. It also provides results in student absences and student attitudes to school survey.

This summary provides you with an explanation of our achievements in 2015. Copies of the Annual Report are available from the main office.

Andrew Bergmeier, PRINCIPAL