We have a clear rule around our students not being allowed to ride their bikes and scooters in the school yard. This is a rule that is respected by most of our students because they realise that it can be dangerous for other students, parents and small children. As the bike shed is in one corner of the school grounds and some students have to walk their bikes a long way to get to the exit gate, it can be a bit difficult to resist the temptation but it is a necessary rule.

Our biggest issue at the moment is around our students’ behaviour when they exit the school grounds and decide to ride their bike or scooter amongst everyone else exiting the school ground especially along Duff Street. As we are still invested in your children getting to school safely and getting home safely it is important for our students to be aware of others on the narrow footpath on Duff Street. Our solution is for all children not to ride their bikes or scooters on the Duff Street footpath after school. Could you please talk to your children about this and we will talk to them at assembly.

It is best from a crowd perspective if our students on bikes and scooters use the Monahans Road exit and the Wallace Road exit after school as these exits are less crowded and the students will be less intrusive on the pedestrians walking along Duff Street.


Our school is now a quiet and orderly environment because of measures we have implemented with the students and teachers. These measures are:

All teachers to be in their classrooms by 8.50 am ready to receive the students

Students to stay in their classrooms once they arrive and get ready for their learning through reading a book or changing a book

Teachers to be ready at 9.00 am to start teaching and marking the roll

All students to be in classrooms by 9.00 am ready for learning

Inside expectations around the use of voice and movement to be clearly different than the students’ outside behaviour

Uninterrupted two hour literacy block and then recess. Students eat their lunch at 11.30 am straight after recess.

Numeracy block and start Learn by Design projects. Students eat their snack when they come in from lunch time break at 2.15 pm.

Circle time and projects continue after lunch.

The most important times for your students’ learning is the first two hours so your children have to be at school on time, ready to start. Please ensure your children are at school by 9.00 am (or earlier) ready to start their learning.

Andrew Bergmeier