I reminded all students at assembly around using Coles before and after school during school days for your children’s own safety and well-being.

Students are not to go to Coles without a parent or a note from a parent between 8.30 am and 9.00 am.

Students are not to go to Coles between 3.15 pm and 3.45 pm without a parent or a note from a parent.

Too many of our students are being caught shop lifting or making a nuisance of themselves and we are making an effort to minimise the risks.


Please ensure that your children cross Monahans Road and Duff Streets at the school crossings. We are always worried about your children being hit by a car. All children must wait for the crossing person to let them know they can cross. If children are on bikes or scooters they must get off them while crossing the road.


At the start of Winter our lost property stocks seem to grow. Please make sure that you have names on your children’s clothes.  Clothing is available from Brunch Club for a gold coin. The lost property container is in the foyer, please check this regularly.


All snacks and lunches are being eaten inside. Lunch is eaten when the students come in from recess at 11.30 am. The snack is eaten after the lunch break at 2.15 pm. All classes have a fruit break at 10.00 am. Please ensure that your children have good healthy food in their lunch boxes so that their learning is maximised through the day.


I am very impressed by everyone in the school community at the moment. You are courteous and showing everyone the respect they deserve. Our office people, teachers, volunteers, parents and children are all showing great manners with people they don’t know and even when they get upset that manage to moderate their behaviour. We will do anything we can for you if you show us the appropriate manners and courtesy when you have an issue.


All teachers are working extra hard at the moment due to the demands of reports and assessments. I am pleased to announce that your children are working really hard at their learning. If you have any issues with your child’s learning please make an appointment to see your child’s teacher. Remember that we have three way interviews coming up in four weeks  time. Please ensure that you complete the interview time when the notice comes home.  Your teacher will be able to inform you as to your child’s progress in Reading (Café), Writing (VOICES) and TiLER (Numeracy)