We are in the middle of "Concert Week" and it is an exciting and extremely busy time for everyone in our school.


Next year we are refining our Grade structures to reflect the way in which we plan our lessons and programs. We are going to have the following:

Prep – Area 2 – Foundation School

Years 3 & 4 - Area 1 – Middle School

Years 5 & 6 – Area 3 – Senior School

Years 1 & 2 - Area 4 – Junior School

Each area will have an Area Leader, the same as we have now and they will also have a PLT Leader who will focus on the use of data to improve student academic outcomes. The Area Leader will be responsible for the overall conduct of the teachers in the area around their preparation, planning and execution of lessons. The Area Leader will also ensure the Areas are clean and tidy and reflect our "Big Idea" focus. The PLT Leader will use the data from tests and assessments to inform the teachers about the content of their programs so that every teacher is teaching the correct program for every student at our school. We will maintain our composite grades because we believe that this is the best way for our teachers to organise their programs so that every child is challenged in their learning.

We are in the process of assigning teachers to different Areas at the moment, but this process won’t be finalised until we have confirmed which staff are available and whether we need to advertise for more staff. This process should be completed by early November. Parents will be notified in the newsletter by early December as this is when your children will be assigned to their 2018 classes.

As you can appreciate, this is the first of many steps to provide the best teams and teaching that we can for your children. We would also ask that any parents who know of children wishing to attend our school or who have to leave our school (for any reason), inform us as soon as you can, as this will greatly assist us with our planning.

Andrew Bergmeier