Dear Parents

Dear Parents

Every year we are required to send an Annual Report reflecting on our progress to the school community and to the Department of Education. The report covers three main areas of our operations.




We know that if these three areas are good then our school will be a great place for your children to learn. This week I will include our report on ACHIEVEMENT and next week I will include the reports on ENGAGEMENT and WELL BEING.

In 2016 Cranbourne West Primary School built on the progress made in Excellence in Teaching and Learning through the continued school-wide implementation of CAFÉ (Reading), VOICES (Writing) and the introduction of TiLER (Numeracy).

As this was our second year with the implementation of our school-wide Literacy programs and philosophy, we were judging the effectiveness of these programs through the actual classroom practice and not NAPLAN. Improvement in NAPLAN will be achieved in 2017 and 2018 when these programs are embedded in classroom practice throughout the school. Performance and development, coaching, classroom observations, School Improvement Team, and direct PCO involvement in the structure of these programs will ensure demonstrable growth within the improvement cycle.

The introduction of TiLER, our numeracy program in classrooms in 2016 entailed scrutiny and agreement over the development of an effective numeracy program,. School wide documentation in each of these programs was achieved at the end of 2016 so that all teachers have the tools to fully embed the programs into the school.

The ability of the PLT (Professional Learning Team) Leaders and the Data Manager to assess, track and move students on in their learning was a significant achievement in 2016. This is still a work in progress but the school-wide evidence is now consistent and transparent.

Andrew Bergmeier