The school year is almost predictable in the cycle of events and how our students and teachers are feeling as a result. Everyone starts the year full of optimism and enthusiasm and as the year rolls on the reality of dealing with all the demands of the job (as with any job) sometimes become overwhelming. We are at this stage of the year. The teachers are completing their testing and assessments and are under pressure to plan for Term three. The students are tired and are under pressure in the testing regime and all of their assessments that have to be completed and sometimes this results in unusual behaviour.

There are some things that have been happening at this time of the year that haven’t been evident before and I believe it is because of the time of the year and the pressures that everyone has been under. This has resulted in the following behaviour. Some students have been:

Annoying others especially at recess and lunchtime and not listening to instructions.

Carelessly dropping rubbish in the school ground and disobeying the school rules around taking wrappers outside.

Displaying behaviour that is not characteristic of their normal behaviour and have had to be reminded about their manners, courtesy and following school rules.

Bringing banned substances into the school such as Energy drinks.

Misbehaving with replacement teachers that we have to employ at this time of the year because of illness or planning days.

I stress to all parents that these are only some of our students who don’t cope well with change and react in challenging ways. Our aim is to maintain our quiet, orderly environment and to keep our students learning right up to the last day of term. We will be maintaining our programs in Literacy, Numeracy and our Big Idea of "How Does the Past Affect the Future."

I am pleased to report that all the areas will be providing our students with the opportunity to participate in Area activities that celebrate the work of the students for the term.

You all would have received your information about our reporting process this year. I cannot stress how important it is that you contact the school if there is anything you don’t understand as we are in the brave new world of online reporting now.

Andrew Bergmeier