As an educator I know when it is getting towards the end of term. There are those little niggles and concerns that we don’t normally have. Over the last couple of weeks we have had inci-dents where students are forgetting their school behaviour and starting to exhibit behaviour that is unacceptable. Mr Wagg has been talking to a number of different groups around the way they have been picking on other chil-dren and other teachers have come in with concerns around the way students are "sledging" each other and call-ing each other names. The most disturbing part about this is that some of our students are also reverting back to insulting other students’ families as well.


We are very serious about maintaining our quiet, orderly and safe learning environment. Every time an incident occurs it has the potential for this to be disrupted. We are committed to:

Investigating all incidents to find out the truth. This often takes a couple of days before we come to a conclusion but it is worth it.

Informing parents and carers about the investigation and letting you know about the consequences and follow up.

Implementing our Student Code of Conduct policy and Anti Bullying policy where bullying is proven

Fully implementing our classroom Steps program and outside Time Out policy. This ensures that all students are constantly reminded about their obligations around school behaviour

Maintaining our three not negotiable behaviour expectations:





One of the hardest realities for parents to understand is that sometimes your children do muck up. They are young people and they make mistakes. This is the case with all of us. At some stage in their life they are going to have to accept responsibility for their behaviour. In my opinion, the earlier the better! I encourage you all to:

Support us in our decision making processes and understand we investigate every incident thoroughly.

Let us know if your child has had a serious incident at school or coming to and from school so we can deal with it

Be courteous when you come into the school to discuss these issues. Sometimes this is very hard when you are angry but is necessary

Talk to your children and let them know about your expectations and reinforce the school’s values of Respect, Trust, Learning and Sense of Humour

Listen to what your children tell you and realise that this is their version of the incident. It is important for them to be listened to.

This is a great school and we need to constantly remind our students about behaviour that is acceptable at school. It is important to maintain our high standards at all times.

Andrew Bergmeier