HPV preparation well underway - Ready for Maryborough!

HPV preparation well underway - Ready for Maryborough!

The HPV team has been busily preparing for our big event in Maryborough, the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge.

The team has been training 2 mornings a week before school and has had training days at Casey Fields.

The big news is that we have our new Human Powered Vehicle and it looks amazing and goes great!

We can’t thank WOLFDENE enough for sponsoring us with this vehicle. It has created an amazing buzz around the school



On Saturday the 8th October the HPV team competed in an 8hr endure event at Casey Fields. The students competed well and tried hard for the whole 8hrs. The team completed 95 laps for a total of  209 kilometres. The team came 14th out of 32 in the junior category and 50th overall.

Our average lap times were 9 min 11 seconds in 2015.

Compared to 5 min 06 seconds in 2016. 

A massive improvement

The team will be competing in the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge at Maryborough in November. You can find out more about this event by going to http://www.racvenergybreakthrough.net  At this event the students will do a presentation about the school, the vehicle and the environment before a panel of 3 judges. They will then compete over 3 days for a total of 16 hrs racing.

The students have been training hard and spending a lot of time preparing for the event.

Well done on a great effort at Casey Fields and good luck for Maryborough.

Keep an eye out during this event for Twitter updates and pics - @CwpsWarriors 

Brad Campbell