We pride ourselves on a safe and orderly environment at our school and we have taken significant measures over the years to ensure that your children are safe and secure when they come to school.


Sometimes things happen that are outside our control because we are dealing with hundreds of children on a daily basis and sometimes things happen unless we place all children in a bubble.

Challenges are part of life and learning to cope effectively with them builds resilience and social skills. Their learning at school is just as much about learning life skills as it is learning their Reading, Writing and Mathematics.


Our aim when they leave our school is to have the skills to become good citizens and worthwhile members of society as they grow up. There is no doubt that they need to learn how to read, write and do their sums to be able cope in the modern world but it is just as important for them to learn how to get on with others and to be able to make friends and to deal ap-propriately with challenges as they arrive.

To achieve our aims we believe that your children should have a rich and interesting life at school and experience the joys of music, physical education, art as well have some fun.

We like your children to bring their toys and knick knacks to school and show off their latest gadget but we cannot accept responsibility for them.

In the past we have had to ban certain games such as Pokemon cards because of the arguments surrounding them and other children pinching them. We were finding that these incidents were taking up most of our time and distracting our students from their learning.


At the moment we are allowing your children to bring their toys and knick knacks ( the latest craze are the fidget spinners) so long as they play with them properly and don’t fight or steal over them. The reason for our leniency is that we are trusting your children more and more because they are proving that they are able to look after themselves and their belongings better. This is a significant step in our school and we are thrilled to be able to do this.


We are seeing our learning vision come to life with this significant decision because this shows that your children have the necessary executive functioning skills to play by themselves without fighting or hurting each other. "Executive functioning" is a fancy term that means that your children are learning to control their emotions and get on well with others.

Andrew Bergmeier