Kiss & Go Zone

Kiss & Go Zone

Recently we got a new sign! So, what does this mean?

After some suggestions and requests from parents we explored different options for improving traffic flow and road safety for our students. We asked the City of Casey's Road Safety Officer to come and advise us. After an analysis of the traffic we were advised that we could use the area between the driveway to the staff car park and the pedestrian crossing on Duff St, near Monahans Rd as a 'Kiss and Go' Zone. We have a sign to show this area.

Please note the rules for this zone:

 You can stop your car for a MAXIMUM of two minutes and must remain within three metres of your vehicle at all times

 It is absolutely vital that children get in or out of the car on the footpath side of the road. Do NOT allow them to step into traffic where they might be harmed

 To ensure you are not stopping for more than two minutes, you should pull up after your children have had time to walk from their classroom to the pick up zone in the afternoons

It is important to note that the Kiss and Go Zone is ONLY in the area near the No Parking sign (near the Monahans Rd end of Duff St). If people pull up in the ‘No Standing’ zones, they will be breaking the law and endangering children’s lives. Do NOT pull up or park close to the school crossings or in the No Standing zones.