Literacy Sessions

Literacy Sessions

We have been impressed to see many outstanding Literacy Sessions going on in our school this year.

As most of you know we are in our fourth year of our CAFÉ Reading program and during these past years we have seen significant skill development in reading. This has been shown through our improved NAPLAN results.

Most of you wouldn’t be as familiar with our VOICES Writing program as you are with CAFÉ. We have been developing this for the past 2 years and life CAFÉ it has been a daily structure. We would like to briefly explain how the VOICES structure works over a week in our school.

Ask your children what they are writing about and what text type that are doing. If you are in-terested, pop in and ask if you can see their VOICES books. Prep parents, your children do a modified version of the above because they are learning the process of how to write. Please pop in and ask them to show you their VOICES books also.

Each week we would like to share with you some of the fantastic writing that is being produced by CWPS students. From the examples we are observing we know we are going to see an improvement in our NAPLAN results in this area of the curriculum too.

The first piece of writing we would like to share is Bonadew from 1MV with picture drawn by Jackson in 1MV. Thier grade has been looking at how to write a procedural piece of writing. However, this piece has a twist because it also tells a funny story. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Lynne Sunderland


The children are developing their vocabulary to use in their writing.


The children organise their writing and their thoughts around the piece of writing they are completing.


They focus on the kind of writing style, for example the whole school is focussing on procedural text at the moment. (Ask your children what this means.)


The children look at the conventions of writing like grammar and punctuation and the application of this knowledge to their piece of writing.


Friday is all about revising, proof reading, improving and publishing