NAPLAN Results 2017

NAPLAN Results 2017

It is with great pleasure that I can present the following NAPLAN data to our school community. Our overall aim by 2018 is to have 25% high growth, 50% medium growth and 25% low growth in Literacy and Numeracy. Our results are tracking exactly how we want them to and we are now looking forward to closely monitoring all students to ensure they maintain and improve their learning. This focus applies especially to our middle and upper growth students because our support for students with low growth has always been strong and will continue. State wide all students in the top two tiers of NAPLAN drop off the further they progress. When the top two tiers reach Year 9 less than half are still in the top two that were in Year 3. Our instructional model of teaching is proving to be very successful and we are refining the process all the time.





Andrew Bergmeier