Over the last few weeks we have been receiving "Alerts" from other schools in our area about suspicious behaviour from adults in cars who are hanging around schools. Most of the time this behaviour is totally innocent but sometimes it isn’t.

Please talk to your children about what to do when a stranger approaches them If your child is approached in an inappropriate manner and this includes a stranger offering them a ride home, tell them to run away and make a loud noise while they are doing so. Then they need to report the incident to the police & to us.

There may have been similar incidents in the area and the police will be able to piece the evidence together. We will contact our Regional Office and Emergency Management. They will distribute an "Alert" notice to all local schools warning them of the possible threat.


The best protection for your children is to always be aware what is going on around them. They need to be aware of:

Their best route to and from school

People acting strangely

Cars and other motor vehicles when they are crossing the roads

Groups of older children who are hanging around their normal route

School crossings

Most of all we need to stress to all the children to come to school straight away and go straight home after school, to be careful, not to day dream while they are going to and from school and to be very much aware of what is going on around them.


As you are aware we were in the news for all the wrong reasons last week where we had an incident totally unrelated to the school, and outside the school grounds, that disturbed our peace and quiet. I am so pleased about our response that ensured the safety of the students, staff and volunteers. As soon as we found out that the police wanted us to go into lockdown our emergency management plan came into action and the whole school was locked down and secure within three minutes.

Communication with our school community is also our first priority as our policy is to inform you as soon as possible when we have bad news as well as good news. We regularly practice our emergency management plan and this was demonstrated last week.

Andrew Bergmeier