Student Code Of Conduct

Student Code Of Conduct

Principal's message to our school community

We think Cranbourne West Primary School is a great School.  School should be a happy, pleasant, caring work place for teachers and students, as well as for the parents who come in to help.  Certain school rules are necessary so that all students have the opportunity to learn and to play safely without interference.  This means that all students must behave in an acceptable manner.  We have a printed copy of this booklet outlining certain rules and the consequences of breaking them, available at the Front Office. 

It is hoped that a pattern of orderly behaviour which reflects self-control, self esteem, respect and concern for others will create in students, teachers and parents alike an orderly, positive and co-operative attitude to our school environment.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Bergmeier,



Please also take a look at our Anti-bullying brochure - click here to download