Student Safety – Part 2

Student Safety – Part 2


When your child leaves home to go to school there are many temptations for them on their journey. The biggest temptations around our school involve:

 Coles

 The shopping centre car park

 The bike ramp in Camms Reserve

 Meeting mates and playing in transit

 Other shops in the shopping centre

As much as we understand these temptations and believe it or not we were children once ourselves and we do remember the fun we had going to and from school we must try to instil into the children the importance of ignoring the wonderful temptations that are all around them and make as direct a journey as possible to and from school.


We constantly remind our students to look out for cars, cross the road at the designated crossings and to be aware of their environment.

We also constantly remind them to wear their helmets when they are riding bikes

We encourage them to come to school straight away and not to play with their mates along the way.

We reinforce with them that they are not to ride skateboards, scooters or bikes in the school grounds


 Formal supervision is provided by yard duty teachers from 8.45 am to 3.30 pm in the school ground. We have a bell at 8.50 am which is designed for your children to be able to go into the classrooms where they get ready for the day. All teachers are expected to be in their classrooms by this bell. There is always someone at school from 8.00 am onwards so your children are looked after very well once they arrive.

 Children are not allowed to ride their bikes or scooters in the school grounds for safety reasons. We have introduced a form for those children who are not obeying this rule and you will be notified of the consequences. All staff have been instructed to ask the children to get off their bikes or scooters if they see children disobeying this rule.

 Our yard duty teachers are vigilant and will remind students about the school rules in the yard at all times.


 We would like you to talk to your children about the issues and reinforce the potential dangers that they may be con-fronted with on their journey to and from school.

 Above all if your child is riding a bike, scooter, roller blades or skateboard please ensure that they are wearing a helmet and other protective gear. Also talk to them about avoiding large groups of older children who are hanging around in groups.

 Reinforce the idea that they need to come straight to school once they leave home.


The best protection for your children is to always be aware what is going on around them. They need to be aware of:

 Their best route to and from school

 People acting strangely

 Cars and other motor vehicles when they are crossing the roads and driveways

 Groups of older children who are hanging around their normal route

 School crossings

Most of all we need to stress to all the children to come to school straight away and go home straight home after school, to be careful, not to day dream while they are going to and from school and to be very much aware of what is going on around them.

Andrew Bergmeier