Welcome to Term 4

Welcome to Term 4

The students and teachers have returned rested, ready to work hard and have a great term. On my walks around the school I have noticed all classrooms are involved with our instructional programs CAFÉ (reading), VOICES (writing) and TiLER (maths). The learning environment in all areas of the school is calm and orderly and students are happily engaged in their learning.

By all accounts the concert was extremely successful. We are proud of the efforts of all our students and staff. From the reports I have received it was amazing. Thanks to all involved. Well done everyone.

High Expectations

We all have high expectations of the students at our school, whether it be learning or behaviour. The teachers have had a major focus on reading this semester and we are achieving some great results. Last term we introduced the "Focus Four" program. Where teachers use data to identify students who have the potential to move forward quickly with their reading. These students are provided with intensive support and direction from their teacher. Once they achieve their goals, new students are identified to join the program.

It is fantastic to see the pride in both the students and teachers when a child reaches their goal. Thank you to all the parents who have been working with their children. When parents, teachers and students work in partnership we achieve great things.

Term 4 Reminders

All students are expected to wear hats when they are outside in Term 4. Please make sure your child has a named hat. Thank you for your support with this.

Staff carpark is for staff. In the interests of everybodys safety please do not use it to pick up/drop of your children. If the streets are full use the COLES carpark. Don’t forget the new "Kiss & Go" section on Duff St.

Talk to your children about safety around roads and the importance of using the school crossings.


Di Richards