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This term, our Learn by Design topic is “How Does the Past Affect our Future”. Our focus is on History and we will be looking at how things change over time. On Tuesday June 6th we will be having an in- visit by a company called “The History Box”. This will be focussing on the history of Medieval Times and what life and conditions were like at the time. We hope that all the students in the Area will be able to join in for this fun day.


YEAR 1 & 2 home groups 4JH, 4JL, 4JM & 4JR

The Year 1 and 2 students in Area 4 have continued to work on the CAFÉ Reading program, where they work at achieving different learning goals daily for comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding their vocabulary. They have participated in independent and shared reading, as well as participating in reading conferences with their teachers.

The VOICES program for Term 2 is focussing on Narrative and Report writing. Students have been busy collecting words to assist with building their vocabulary for use in their stories, planning, drafting and publishing their work.

Our students have enthusiastically participated in our TiLER maths program, where they have played games and explored mathematical concepts related to number. Place value, addition and subtraction have been the main foci and students will continue to develop these skills throughout the rest of the year.

As part of our big question “How does the past affect our future?”, students have been learning about Indigenous culture, ancient civilisations, dinosaurs and medieval times, with an in-visit on June 6th.


YEAR 3 & 4 home groups 4MB & 4MH update:

As part of our Learn by Design, “How Does the Past Affect our Future” we have already looked at the history behind Anzac Day and its significance to us. This included looking at videos, photos and poems, reading about Villers-Bretonneux and also Gallipoli and the Anzacs. This gave us a more meaningful reference for them during the ANZAC Day celebrations.

We have started finding out about life in the Middle Ages and researched castles and the different sections so that we can make our room like one. We will choose a project related to this theme and celebrate with a special area celebration at the end of term.

In CAFÉ Reading we are continuing to develop strategies to improve the children’s reading skills, especially with “comprehension” so that they realise the importance of understanding what they read. Each child should be reading their share book for 15 minutes each night and discussing it to show their understanding. In VOICES writing we will be concentrating on Narrative and Report writing. In TiLER, Maths we will be revising numeration and place value focussing on addition and subtraction. We will also work on attributes of measurement including area, perimeter and capacity.






4MB are also continuing to develop our meditation and relaxation skills with the “Smiling Mind” program as well as weekly meditation sessions with one of our school parents, Priscilla. We are continuing to make good use of the pillows and cushions that were made for us.

4SS – year 5/6    Mrs Marilyn Schofield- Room 21

4SP – year 5/6     Mrs Giovanna Phillips- Room 22

4MH – year 3/4    Mrs Brenda Hanna- Room 17

4MB – year 3/4    Mrs Vicki Browne & Mrs Sandra Sexton- Room 18

4JM – year 1/2     Mr Chris McGowan- Room 23

4JR – year 1/2      Ms Ashley Rowan & Ms Emma Deayton- Room 24

4JL – year 1/2      Mrs Lauren Makin & Mr Tom Brennan- Room 19

4JH – year 1/2      Ms Michelle Hebdige- Room 20

Mrs Del Dickson–   ES (educational support staff)

Ms Cassie Murphy –ES (educational support staff)


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