Area 4


Welcome to Area 4


YEAR 1 & 2 home groups 4JL, 4JH, 4JR & 4JM update:

Grade 1/2s in Area 4 have been very excited about our Learn by Design topic of "What is my place in the world?". We started by looking in closely at ourselves and our family, then we will move on to our local community, our state, our country, our planet, and eventually our solar system. There has already been a lot of ideas flowing about extra-terrestrial life! We started off our learning adventure with an area wide excursion to Scienceworks and the Planetarium! This was a wonderful opportunity for the students and was highly engaging. In maths we have been learning about addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, time, and shape. We are continuing to improve our reading and writing with CAFE reading and our VOICES program. If you would like any more information about any of the programs we run, please feel free to come in and ask your teacher after school, as this is the most convenient time :)



YEAR 3 & 4 home groups 4MB & 4MH update:

As part of our Learn by Design "What is my place in the world?" we have been looking at the planets and our solar system. Our excursion to Scienceworks and the Planetarium in the first week back, was an introduction for us, which included looking at the night sky, planets in space and also our Earth. It was fantastic that we had so many of our students able to attend due to the kind assistance of Wolfdene, who sponsored the bus costs. It was unfortunate that our long trek to Spotswood through the Monash was so busy with roadworks that we were unable to spend as much time exploring there as we would have liked. The students are very enthused with this topic and have already investigated NASA websites for kids, space apps such as SCIVR and also Night Sky. We have also looked at constellations and galaxies and some students have made their own ‘galaxies in a jar’. There are some photos included here.