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Art Room News


Visual Arts

This semester the grade one and two students will start their year of with a self-portrait to see how they can visually express themselves.

Students will then move onto explorative drawing and painting learning about the art elements and how to use them successfully in an art work. Students will be looking at the theme of Australian animals. The textures of the animals and being able to visually describe the animal.

This will lead to the next terms work which is introducing indigenous art. Looking at the Australian aboriginal’s art works and experimenting with some of the techniques and symbols used.

This semester in art the grade three and four students will start by creating a portrait working with cardboard. This is very challenging as cardboard is difficult to cut and shape. Students will be expected to finish with an abstract face describing facial features.

Students will then start their big project which is to work in small groups to produce a 3D animation. This will take careful planning, good communication skills, creativity and persistence to create a successful animation. This will hopefully be presented at a school assembly to celebrate the students work.

Some three four students will be working on something different. They will be designing their own monster using the art element of shape. Only to then transform this into a dry felted art work!

The grade five and six students are also starting the year of with a cardboard abstract portrait using cutting skills and then painting their work in bold colours.

Students will then embark on a massive project using the schools new set of gelli plates. Students will be working on eight prints at a time working in layers up to eight or more deep. Students will be expected to finish with two or three works from these eight prints. Using the prints to cut up and create collages. Students will look to the art master Matisse and American graphic designer Rex Ray for inspiration. Students will be drawing on all their skills from previous years and knowledge of the art elements colour and shape to create successful works!

Kylie Wickham


Our Term 1 focus for L.O.T.E. is consolidating the basics of Auslan, which is our schools language of choice which stands for Australian Sign Language and is used by the deaf community of our country. This is the first year that all year levels in the school are learning Auslan. The Grade 5/6 students are picking up the basics really quickly and soon will be caught up to the rest of the school which has been an absolute pleasure to see! Some of the signs that our students have been learning are signs for basic manners such as please, thank you, sorry, hello, how are you?, they have also been learning to fingerspell with the letters of the alphabet, signs for different colours and numbers.

If you are interested in learning Auslan yourself Vic Deaf provide short six week courses, for more info visit:

Or if you would like to look up some signs yourself online you could visit: 



In Performing Arts we are working on gaining confidence and expressing ourselves. This will lead into on stage techniques, drama etiquette and any skills that may be required for our Term 3 concert! Performing Arts is all about students growing in self-confidence and being able to take on new challenges that might at first seem daunting.

Performing Arts is offered to keen students in a small group format rather than a timetabled home group, as is the case with other Specialist subjects.

The small groups are withdrawn during Specialist classes and I have found that students really excel due to the structure of theses groups. The activities offered vary depending on need and/ or the focus each term (Community Fun Day, Concert etc) however beginners ukulele and a craft activity are standard. The craft activity evolves into costume production and props/set construction around mid year.

Finally, as Co-ordinator I provide a range of lunchtime activities including Ukulele Club, Choir and Assembly Entertainers Club in Area 5 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively. These activities are aimed at students from Y2-6 and the only pre-requisite is regular attendance at rehearsals.
These students are also encouraged to enter CWPS’s Got Talent (soloist, duo or small group) which is part of our Community Fun Day entertainment.
Other performance opportunities occur at various times including school assemblies and concerts, Education Week, Willow Wood Nursing Home and Mundaring Health.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries regarding Performing Arts activities at Cranbourne West Primary School.

Thank you,

Sharon Start

Concert Co-ordinator/ LOTE

Cranbourne West Primary School



Sport and PE have a high profile at Cranbourne West Primary School. Students enjoy their physical education sessions and their sport.

Engaging in physical activity, games, sport and outdoor recreation contributes to a sense of community and social connectedness. These are vital components of improved wellbeing.

At Cranbourne West Primary School, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to develop good attitudes and abilities in sport. Our PE program caters for all cultures, abilities and interests.

We believe that by encouraging students to actively participate in sport and physical education we are supporting the development of:

  • a positive attitude towards life and positive self esteem,
  • an attitude towards persistence,
  • a caring attitude towards themselves and others,
  • a sense of responsibility for their own health and well-being by learning to make healthy choices,
  • respectful attitudes towards others.

 Our Aim is to:

  • Promote and develop life-long attitudes towards active participation in physical activity.
  • Encourage a wide range of opportunities for students to engage in sport and physical activity.
  • Maintain the enjoyment and attractiveness of sport for both student participants and their parents.
  • Develop skills that support greater access to sport and physical activity increasing the potential to impact on the physical, social, emotional and mental health of students.
  • Foster an understanding of the qualities involved in being a cooperative member of a sporting team.

One of the best ways to support children to enjoy physical activity every day is to create environments that make healthy choices a regular part of every child’s day.


Sport and PE is inclusive and aimed at developing positive attitudes towards physical activity through learning skills and having fun.

Tara Gleeson and Tracey Carter


This term students have been really working well in the MLC!


Brad Campbell