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H.P.V Dates for 2016

17th November until the 20th of November 2016

 Cranbourne West Primary School (CWPS) -   Human Powered Vehicle Program

What is the Human Powered Vehicle program?

Human Powered Vehicles are recumbent trikes that are created to race around different tracks in Victoria. There is a series of events each year in Victoria made up of 5 race meetings plus the major statewide race (The RACV Energy Breakthrough) at the end of the year. The Breakthrough is the final celebration and the most coveted event on the HPV calendar.   Schools from all over Victoria enter, with the private schools and schools from more affluent suburbs having access to resources to provide the latest equipment.

The Human Powered Vehicle Program is designed to teach students about sustainability and the importance of taking care of our environment. The children learn about how our choices affect the environment and what they can do to help mother-nature in simple ways.  They also have to give a presentation about the design of their vehicle to a group of judges and any audience members who choose to attend the presentation.

When do the events take place?

We will be entering three events this year, in future years we would like to enter all of the five available races.

Round 3: a six hour event at Knox on 23rd and 24th April

Round 5: a twenty four hour event at Casey on 8th and 9th October

RACV Energy Breakthrough race: at Maryborough from 17th to 20th November

What is involved for the students?

Year 5 and 6 students apply for the program in February. They then attend weekly training sessions in Term 1 with twice weekly training sessions as the year progresses.  Training is facilitated by three of our teachers, Chris McGowan, Brad Campbell and Lisa Bull who meet with the children at lunch times and/or before school from 8am for their 45 minute training session and then provide breakfast for them.  Many students engage in the early stages of the program and then those who show the greatest commitment progress through to be selected for the final team.

Why is this program valuable?

As HPV is a team based sport it helps to develop positive social skills and relationships.  It helps students to see that they have talents and can build their skills.  Students learn to work together, to set and achieve both personal and team based goals.

The Human Powered Vehicle program (HPV) has been very successful at engaging students and encouraging them to develop health, fitness, an understanding of and commitment to sustainability, positive social skills such as resilience, persistence, commitment, team work and public speaking.  Most importantly however, it builds character within the students and provides them with something they can hold dear to their hearts and continually strive to be better at.  Through involvement in this program we have witnessed the individual development of numerous children which has been truly inspiring.


Sponsors of our H.P.V Program


Wolfdene Partners with Cranbourne West Primary in HPV Program

Wolfdene is excited to announce its partnership with Cranbourne West Primary School (CWPS) and their Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) program. 

The Wolfdene Foundation, recently established as the charitable arm of Wolfdene, will help fund the HPV program at CWPS by providing them with a new vehicle, uniforms and other assistance throughout the year.

There is a series of annual events in Victoria, comprising five race meetings plus the major statewide event - the RACV Energy Breakthrough - at the end of the year.

Schools from all over Victoria enter, however the CWPS equipment is battered, outdated and no longer meets the safety requirements. The upgraded HPV will provide the CWPS team with their best opportunity yet to translate their hard work into performance.

The HPV program is designed to teach students about sustainability. Children learn about how their choices affect the environment and what they can do to be more environmentally friendly. For these children in particular, developing resilience, finding reasons to engage with school and having aspirations for success are of vital importance.

Teachers highlight that many students who previously had low attendance rates and poor engagement with educational programs, developed enhanced enthusiasm for learning through their involvement with the HPV program.

* New Wolfdene sponsored HPV vehicle will be similar to that of the black vehicle shown in image 


The City of Casey has provided funding for camping and transportation fees to for the three events which make up the HPV Energy Challenge.

Thank you to all our sponsors of our program