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"Sustainability at Cranbourne West Primary School is a major focus within our curriculum. Teachers are always looking for new ways to educate students in different areas of Sustainability, from Biodiversity to waste and resource management.

We have very clear goals here at Cranbourne West in terms of Sustainability. We aim to:

-    Provide the students with rich learning experiences around Sustainability

-    Educate the children on our Eco-System and what it is made up of

-    Discover new ways of improving our Eco-logical footprint

-    Raise awareness on limiting our water, waste and energy usage.

-    Provide the students with the opportunity to work on our gardens and play a part in improving our school's eco-logical image

-    Give our students the opportunity to work with other school's and share ideas

-    Let our student's be leaders in this area and teach other students what they know.

We are all very passionate about this area of learning and together, we can help to make Cranbourne West Primary School a green and bio-diverse environment for many years to come."