Ready Set Prep

A smooth transition from home to school sets your child up for success.

Until we meet face to face, we would like to encourage you and your child to become familiar and be involved with our school.

We have designed some exciting virtual experiences including a school tour and classroom activities. These virtual school activities are fun, free and easy.

If you’d like to talk to us about enrolment you can call Liz on (03) 5996 2878 or fill out a form on our Enrolment page:

Some virtual activities to explore:

Story time

Read Write Inc.

Oral Language

Story Retell




Imaginative Play


Performing Arts

Visual Art

Physical Education


Play acting activity to try at home

Speaking is your child’s first Literacy.

Before they can read or write they need to be able to talk. Young children learn from “Play Acting the real world”.

Watch these Bluey videos with your child and use them as inspiration to make your own fun and encourage your child to speak. Have fun pretending and building up conversations while trying out different and exciting vocabulary.

Get involved and make a bus, a taxi, a hospital, or go with what your child wants to make. Play, act alongside them. It can be an amazingly deep and enriching experience for you and your child.

These links will take you to the ABC iView website where you can watch a video from the show “Bluey”.

360° Virtual School Tour